Asger Jorn in images, words, and form (UK)

Museum Jorn

Asger Jorn in images, words, and form (UK)

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An introduction to Asger Jorn and his manifold artistic production - written in English.

The text offers a scholarly introduction, followed by a series of diverting “short stories” on Jorn. Drawing on original letters, interviews, photographs, press clippings etc., they give insight into the artist´s life as well as his charismatic personality, his relationships with fellow artists and his involvement with artistic movements such as CoBrA and the Situationist International.

The book is richly illustrated.

144 pages.

Graphic design: I. Fata
Translation: B. Sounders, L. Schons, P. Larkin.

(The book is also published in a Danish and German version)