100 Artists in the Collection of Museum Jorn

Museum Jorn

100 Artists in the Collection of Museum Jorn

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The catalog presents a selection of 100 artists out of a total of 600 from the museum collection. It is meant to reflect two basic components of Danish and international art, that make up the collection at Museum Jorn.

One of these is the original, a selection of artists from the Collection, that Asger Jorn gave to Silkeborg in the years 1953-1973. The other and later component is based on members of the Ex-school (The Experimental Art School, which was active in Copenhagen 1961-1969), including the collection of approx. 3.500 works by Per Kirkeby.

Preface and article about the collection in Silkeborg by Jacob Thage
Article about each of the 100 artists with short reviews and photos of the artist's essential works from the collection, presented in alphabetical order.

Author: Karen Friis, Lucas Habercorn and Jacob Thage

231 pages richly illustrated